How we support Visa Logistics with our WordPress Development Services

How we support Visa Logistics with our WordPress Development Services

Visa Logistics is a professional Visa Facilitation and document verification services firm specialising in Police Clearance Certificates, document attestation and Visa Applications.

They have office all across South Africa serving the local, regional and international document and visa needs of those clients, growing their company in the process.

Visa Logistics have partnered with Big Web Media since 2016 and we continue working together delivering design, development and on-going support services for all of their WordPress websites.

Our tasks and responsibilities

  • Design, development, support and maintenance of bespoke WordPress themes
  • Development of new wordpress websites
  • user tracking
  • Hosting and server management
  • Integration and support of 3rd party services
  • Proactive website maintenance

KPIs that Big Web Media is measured against:

  • Provide fast response times
  • Thorough quality assurance (QA)
  • Fast development

Client testimonial

We’ve worked with Big Web Media for a number of years and find them very dedicated and responsive. Our on-going partnership with Big Web Media Agency has developed in to a great relationship as they understand our services inside out. We can get straight to work and implement the latest development requirements to meet our expanding digital marketing initiatives.

Mahmood Hamied
Owner and MD

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