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A Guide to Link Building via Blog Comments

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Blog comments can legitimately help your brand if done correctly. The problem? Many people in SEO don’t use them correctly. Over the years, blog comments have been misused and abused. As a result, some people no longer even consider blog comments a worthwhile link building tactic. Blog comments are usually viewed as the opposite of […]

How Build Links With Promo Codes

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There all sorts of strategic ways businesses can use promo codes to drive revenue. Promo codes can decrease cart abandonment, make your retargeting campaigns more effective, nurture brand advocates, help you track performance on your marketing channels, and more. But there’s one benefit of using promo codes that many marketers don’t pay attention to: building […]

Local Online Directories in South Africa

South African Online Directories

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Ask a website why it’s active online and you’re likely to get three responses: To make profit, create awareness of our products and services and lastly to engage with our customers. Fair responses. One thing is certain, all these websites want to be easily found online by their desired target audience  and need search engines […]

Free Bank Link Analysis Tools

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For those of you that are new to SEO or in the process of reading or studying up on what Search Engine Optimisation is, you undoubtedly would have come across the term “backlink” at least once if not more. So what are backlinks? Simply put backlinks, or incoming links are inward links that are directed […]

Advanced Link building

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Industry Link Acquisition Link Building is one of the most fundamental and yet challenging aspects of search marketing, best leave it to the experts. A website without links is a bit like a person without any friends Think of the web as an interconnected highway of information, a city if you will with the links […]