JavaScript & SEO: The Definitive Resource List

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The crawling, indexing, and ranking of webpages that rely heavily on JavaScript is a hot topic in the SEO industry at the moment. There are lots of people performing tests and sharing their results, as well as opinion pieces and perspectives from outside of the SEO echo chamber. And of course we have official documentation […]

The non-developer’s guide to reducing WordPress load times up to 2 seconds (with data)

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With Google’s continued focus on user experience and engagement metrics in recent algorithm updates, it’s become even more important for marketers to pay attention to how fast their sites are. Page speed has long been a ranking factor for desktop search results, and it may soon impact mobile rankings as well. The benefits of improved […]


Robot.txt Files small but Powerful

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An important, but sometimes overlooked element of onsite search engine optimisation is the robots.txt file. Usually not weighing more than a few bytes, a poorly configured Robots.txt file can be responsible for creating a lot of indexation and search visibility problems if not implemented properly. Usually found in your websites root directory the Robots.txt file […]