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First-Time Administration in wordpress cms


When you have completed the installation of WordPress CMS, continue to log in with the credentials you set up in previous article you’ll see the basic WordPress Dashboard captured in below figure Figure.

If you’re not redirected to the Dashboard or admin panel through the Log In button, or if you happen to visit your website’s top-level URL first or you site link, either click the Log In link on your website or explicitly go to the wp-admin sub-directory (webdirectors.co.uk/wp-admin) to be presented with a login dialog box. Logging in to your website takes you to the WordPress Dashboard for web design, which is both amazingly simple in its power and rich in its complexity and exposed features.What you do next with the Dashboard depends on how happy you are with the basic installation of WordPress. If, as in the example, you ended up with an older version of WordPress CMS, click the Update button to do an in-place upgrade to the latest distribution if you update the version of WordPress this supports the latest plugin and themes for web design. In addition to having a strong self-installation feature, the WordPress CMS includes self-update functions exists in wp-admin/includes/update.php this file .

 You may decide to change some basic configuration options in dashboard, such as the database name which your created for current site or the MySQL database users, although you’ll only change the default of root@localhost if you have full control over the web and database servers and WordPress dashboard. The configuration files also contain the entries for security option that are used to provide stronger security for browser cookies specially it is benefit for web design agencies. Security keys are discussed in more detail in other articles wp-config.php file affects the changes right away after editing in this file. Changing the database table prefix, which is default in WordPress for example, suppose WordPress to going to make a new set of tables and create a clean-slate installation in the web server. Edit them and then go back to your top-level URL or root level and you’ll find yourself with new admin user information or new controller of database and logged in to a starter Dashboard of WordPress, as in Figure below. Previous tables aren’t removed of delete from MySQL database, so you’ll have to do clean up manual If you have to set your URL or site address to be different from the location in which you installed WordPress CMS, you can go Settings it is in left navigation of dashboard and General from the Dashboard and change the URLs for both your top-level or web site URL address as well as the WordPress installation directory or folder. If you separate your site’s URL and the WordPress directory or folder, make sure you move the index.php file to the exact top-level URL or address, after that edit the last line to include the proper sub-directory path or sub folder to the WordPress web design.

Before generating or creating your first post or page, take an idea about to establish a permalink structure so that everything you write follows the naming conventions or key words you’ve chosen to make it relatively easy for readers or users to find the link and share your content. This is an another option in the Dashboard Settings panel of the Dashboard of WordPress.

Now you are ready to publish or make the first post of your own writing in your web site.

First Post in WordPress CMS for web design agencies

An interesting WordPress installation already has done in previous articles now the first post for web design and comment going to be published, so confirm that all of the moving pieces are moving in unity, and giving your website some initial or basic content or data.
When you ready to add your own first words in your WordPress CMS, so use the right-hand or right navigation panel QuickPress panel in the Dashboard  to post an entry or new post.

click on Add New  after click on this you will be in built-in WordPress editor, here you can manage your content add your description, images, galleries.

So you’ll forever real out content in your favorite text editor like ms word so copy it into the redaction panel. Rigorously with WYSYIWIG word processors like in Microsoft Word or Open workplace if you would like to repeat into the WordPress hypertext markup language composition window as a result of the hypertext markup language are going to be riddled with extra tag and magnificence data. Finally, a range of standalone editors, like Illumnix’s Ecto, publish to WordPress victimisation the Atom publication Protocol or XML-RPC. choices for posts to be printed remotely are, as you’d expect, in the
Dashboard’s Settings section underneath Writing choices.

Click Publish for your own “Hello World” moment. Multiple subsystems created that redaction pane,
saved the content during a information, generated and saved the denotative data, so emitted nice-looking hypertext markup language.