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Google amp indexing faqs


Dong-Hwi Lee, a Googler, posted in the Google Webmaster Help forums a large FAQs around indexing questions related to AMP. This is a very comprehensive FAQ around the topic and I thought it would be useful to bring more attention to this document to the community.

The questions include:

  • In general, how long does it take for AMP pages to be indexed and served from Search?

  • If I launch X number of AMP pages, how long can I expect indexing will take? What factors affect selection? (with and without the assumption that the canonical page is being crawled and indexed)

  • Is indexing different by page type – i.e. home page vs. product detail page?

  • If pages are likely to be changed or removed often, are they still good candidates for indexing?

  • Is there any way to accelerate the pace of indexing (for example, by creating Adwords campaigns)?

  • What is the impact of AMP on ranking?

  • Should I be concerned if only a small percentage of my AMP pages have been indexed and are surfacing in Search?

  • Why do two results appear (AMP and non-AMP) when I search?

  • Should I tag my AMP pages any differently in this scenario? Desktop site (www), mobile site (m.) and AMP pages (on m.) when AMP points to m. and m. to AMP.

  • Why is my AMP page not showing up in the top stories carousel?

  • Is AMP crawling coming off my crawl budget?

So check it out to find all the answers.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.