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how to add new user in wordpress using simple 8 steps.

If you’re new in WordPress so you are at the right place where you can easily add new user to your WordPress site by using these simple 8 steps by web agency london. It will surely help you to expand your content by adding people in your blogs, you can also give them different access like (Administrator, Authors, Editors, Contributor).
Step 1:

Here we get start from Sign in to WordPress by entering your username and password…

Step 2:


2. Here you successfully login to your dashboard from where you can access your website and control user …
Step 3:


3. Click on the user on the left sidebar where you can easily add new user …
Step 4:


4. Now you’re on the user page where you have to fill all the required fields of user info and give a strong password then click on role below drop down and give access to user like subscriber , author etc …
Step 5 :


5. Now submit your info by pressing ADD NEW USER button to create new user…
Step 6:


6. Congratulation..! You have successfully done with new user on your blogs…
Step 7:


7. User is editable so you can edit it any time u want you can change user authority by simply click on edit or you can delete it any time by clicking on delete.
Step 8:


8. You can manage your user on one table and can change their role individually through this user table.
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