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Big Web Media’s landing pages will help you convert visitors into leads. With content that speak to your visitors you are sure to get the Sale!


Copy that Sticks

How many times have you not clicked on an email because it did not grab your attention? Have you ever gotten the feeling that your campaign-landing page is well… missing something?

Well, the same goes for your customers. You look at the latest open and click through rates of your email campaign and at the conversion stats on your landing page and sigh in desperation. There are a few new subscribers and a few people buy, but you know you should be seeing better results.

Everyone you ask thinks it’s a great offer, and yet the figures don’t lie! What do you do?

The good news is your suspicions are correct. You are missing something – now let’s fix it!



Landing page copy that lands business leads

A quality campaign-landing page will not only win relevant search traffic and get more conversions it will get discovered by the right people.

When we conceptualise the design and create the copy for your landing page we don’t look at them as mere landing pages, but as launching pads. Each and every landing page we deliver will:

  • Grab attention with a killer headline
  • Address the user’s unspoken need
  • Offer a solution to their problem
  • Show them why you are the best choice
  • End of with a “Call to Action”

It takes most copywriters years of practice to master the art of a good landing page. But there is good news …at Big Web Media we have been mastering this art since 2006.

Writing Flawless Marketing Emails

Creating and managing email campaigns are time consuming to say the least. Why not let Big Web Media handle all the aspects of your email marketing, from content development and template design to distribution and promotion?

We will advise you on:

  • Best day of the week and time of day: Sending your e-mails on a different day of the week can increase how many people will open your message.
  • Subject line: Short, interesting and intriguing, because you want people to want to read your content, without being flagged as spam.
  • Persuasive content: A basic sales writing technique, we don’t tell them about what you have to offer but why they should want it, and how it makes their life better.
  • A clear call to action:

The result? Email template designs and tailored content for clickable email marketing campaigns.

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