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The Importance of Having a Good Website


Why do you need a good website?

For business owners trying to make an impact in this digital age, there is no greater asset than a good website.When the majority of consumers use the internet to find local businesses, and most people looking to carry out product research use the internet, it’s essential that your business website is up to scratch.

Here are five reasons why you, as a business owner, need a good website:

Boost your credibility

When people do not know who you are, or anything about your reputation, why should they trust you? Your website can give you a way to enhance your credibility among customers – especially if you’ve taken the time to perfect your web design and ensure your content is spot-on. Having an established, strong web presence will convince your customers that you are experienced and that they can trust you. This is doubly important if you’re running an e-commerce store and are trying to sell products online. Despite the prevalence of online shopping, many consumers are still wary of sharing their credit card details and address online. You can help remedy this with a strong, professional website which is secure with an SSL certificate.

Emphasise your brand

Your website is an extension of your brand – it should reflect who you are and what you represent. It is the easiest way to get your brand out there and create brand awareness. A good website tells their visitors what they can expect from the business. If your website is poorly constructed, with spelling mistakes and constant 404 errors, any visitors you manage to attract are likely to leave… and fast. By contrast, if your website is professionally-designed, with appealing copy, great images and a user-friendly layout, your visitors will develop an image of your brand as a professional, trustworthy and attractive one.

Generate business without geographical limitations

The beautiful thing about the world wide web is that it has broken down so many of the geographical barriers which used to hinder businesses. Now, businesses founded in Scotland can sell to customers in London just as easily as they can to customers in Glasgow. It doesn’t just stop there; a business set up in the UK can use its website to attract visitors from all over the world, rather than simply targeting a local audience. A good website expands your reach and smashes those geographical barriers which used to stand in the way of business owners.

Position you as a thought-leader

Every good business website needs a good business blog. Your blog is where you keep visitors updated on the latest news relevant to your company and its industry. It can also be a fantastic place to position yourself as a thought-leader, an influencer, or a pioneer in your industry. The web is a competitive space nowadays – your blog will give you an opportunity to present the personal side of your business, as well as showcasing your skills, talents, insight and understanding of the industry. We aim to do that with our blog – bringing you news about the company, but also interesting topics on fields we’re experts in, and articles that provide advice you might find useful.

Your business will always be open

With a good website up and running, your customers needn’t wait for opening hours to purchase products or buy services from you. Websites are open around-the-clock, whether your visitors are just browsing for information, or whether they’re ready to commit to a purchase.

If you realise you’re website is not up to scratch and are looking for a website revamp, then please do not hesitate to