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The Power of Social Media: Part 5

The Power of Social Media

Many of us living in this day and age never dreamed of the plethora of social media platforms that we have today. Some of us were still writing letters, or sending emails (how last year!). Now you can Tweet your way around the world, and back again! Millions of people are still getting to grips with social media – for private or business use. This is why we are going to unpack the ins and outs of social media so that you don’t have to be left in the dark, or ever feel alone again!

The power of social media is in your hands

Once upon a time a PC was invented. No one knew the fact that this large square box was going to enable people to talk to each other from all over the world. As the years passed this big box started to become a tool of communication when emailing became a daily occurrence. Now all you need is a small hand-held device called a cellphone to communicate with CEOs in Japan. What we are saying is that social media has come a long way, and you need to know how to tap into this field before even finer technology takes its place.

Education is key, so here is what you need to know:

Digital marketing has become a science, so you need to become a Professor to master the power of these online tools. Millions of people every day are sitting in front of their Pcs, laptops and tablets spending hours discovering this New World of Social Media. If you don’t spend a few hours a week doing the same, you and your company will be left behind, while the world around you explodes with powerful marketing tools that can take your company to places (countries) you never dreamed of!

So what ARE these social media platforms and how do you use them?

There are numerous social media networks, but here we shall focus on the Top 5 (according to eBizMBA Rank).


FacebookFacebook was never created as a social media marketing tool. It was, however, created as a social media network for various groups of people to connect (or poke fun at!). When Mark Zuckerberg sat in his dorm room with his peers, he had no idea that it would become the No.1 social media network tool that it is today. Due to the fact that it is meant for connecting on a social level, business leaders need to be very careful as to how they advertise their products. One needs to connect with the audience on a personal level, but still inform them of what their product is about and the reasons why the individual needs their resources. There are social media experts that you can hire who are trained to market in the best way for your company. It is worth investing in these external sources.


twitterTwitter is an instant message sent to an audience who has chosen to follow that individual or group. It started as a way for people to connect to each other by sending quick, instant messages that can be commented on or re-tweeted. Marketers soon cottoned onto this and now all of the big brand business like Coco-Cola, cellphone companies, clothing stores etc. are using it. Twitter is used by millions, and you want your company to be tweeting 24/7 because the competition is stiff and good tweets are the best way to attract customers. Define your purpose and decide what your company wants to share, then stick to it. Creating an exciting and fun brand name will generate leads and therefore business for your company.


LinkedInLinked-in is a much more complex networking platform and is more focused on business then social, but it is still used for both. Here companies are encouraged to connect with each other and post articles that are current and relevant to their particular trade. Networking is key on Linked-in, so sign up and start learning more about how to connect with the right target market.


PinterestVery much a visual marketing tool, Pinterest has taken over from YouTube in its popularity. It has a lot to do with people not having time to read through long blog posts or watching videos. They say ‘a picture says a thousand words’ and this is true when it comes to this marketing tool. Make sure you have high quality photographs that will capture your audience’s attention. The way the information is shared is that your photograph will be re-pinned by users to their friends and family, thus taking your business all over the world!!


Google PlusGoogle+ is very much moving up in the ranks of social media. Created by Google for Google, this is a very powerful networking tool that needs to be used with skill and knowledge. It will boost traffic to your website and allow Google itself to see that you are active and serious about making yourself known on the World Wide Web. It boasts a user-friendly interface allowing you to connect with friends or business by joining circles (people who have the same interests as you). These circles are what makes Google+ unique. Any information or articles that you are interested in can be found on Google+ with their highly effective search engine.

In Conclusion

We have only touched the surface regarding The Power of Social Media. As mentioned earlier, the power is in your hands. These are only some of the tools that can be used to grow your business. Start by mastering these first and then spread your wings and fly!