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Best Web Design Agencies in Cape Town

The best Web Design agencies in Cape Town, South Africa are: Rogerwilco NetMechanic Big Web Media B Online Green box Designs Finding a web development company in South Africa cape Town can prove quite a challenge, especially when there are so many to choose from. However, to make things easier, this article highlights five of

Our Web Design Process – Behind the Scenes

When a business needs a new website or they want to replace their existing one, they usually pass the project into the hands of a recommended web design and development agency. A sensible move. After all, most companies don’t have the in house expertise to tackle such a complicated project and one where the final

How much does a WordPress Website cost to make?

The most common question we are asked, when we receive a new web design enquiry is always; ‘How much will a website cost?’ More often than not, the email includes little or no information and offers no real insight into the client’s actual needs or wants. It can be tricky to provide an accurate quotation

5 Tactics for Improving Your Website’s UX in 2018

User experience is vital to the success of any product or service and websites are no exception. Having a good online presence is as important as having a clean and tidy storefront; a business’s website is its face. Nowadays, users are savvy about web design and have come to expect a certain level of sophistication.

10 Typical Website Fails and How to Avoid Them

A business website is at the heart of any digital marketing efforts. It’s where businesses build or destroy a reputation. Plan well and you’ll save yourself from tons of embarrassment of a shoddy user-experience. The end result: you can turn your site into a lead generating cash cow. Ready to dig deeper and understand what

Best Ways To Make Your Mobile Website Load Faster In 2018

Everyone who accesses the web always seems to be in a hurry, making a website load as fast as possible should be a priority for webmasters. Loading speed is even more crucial when it comes to the mobile version of your website. Mobile users are typically on the go all the time, and they would

Top 8 Essential Web Design Trends For 2018

Everyone knows that trends tend to be flaky. Nowhere is this more apparent than website design. What is popular one day might not be popular the next, the tides constantly shift. Luckily, there are certain things that you can predict based on where most websites are headed. If you know where to look, you’ll be

How To Choose Between A Freelancer Or A Web Agency

The first critical decision you have to make when beginning a web project is whether to hire a freelancer or a web agency. Making the correct choice is not a straightforward decision. However, there are a few things you can evaluate to reach the solution that best suits your needs and objectives. There is no

How To Create A Website Outline Template

Website design isn’t something you hop on without planning any strategy in advance. Did you know the site you browse easily would have gone through a lot of thought process? Be it for your in-house web project or about targeting the customers, sketching an outline gives you a road-map to go ahead. Even, every website

8 Great Articles You Can Read About Responsive Web Design

This year, consumer habits and technology have evolved, new digital tools have emerged, and SEO algorithms also have changed rapidly. As the year 2018 is almost over,  a new year and new web design trends are around the corner. Whether you’re a new blooming business and want to build your first website or revamp your

Website Design Process: Milestones & Timeline

Every web design project should start with a design process. Having a design process in place and setting up the website design milestones and timeline before you begin will help you overcome any confusion and distractions along the way. Some say that the first impression of a website is based on the quality of the

5 Features Of Well Designed B2B Websites

It’s 2018: every company has a website and there’s more marketing material on the internet than one person could ever read – even if they wanted to. Businesses that want their website to gain attention and generate leads must work harder than ever to get potential customers on their site and keep them around once

Web Design Facts You Never Thought About

There is no doubt that looks matter. However, looks by themselves will not take you very far. This is especially true when it comes to web design. Yes, we all love a stunningly good looking website but unless you understand some of the critical web design facts your site won’t have the desired results. Nowadays

How to Choose a Good WordPress Designer and Developer

When you’re starting out in business, or even an established business, a professional digital presence is crucial. But once you have decided to launch or revamp a website, how do you choose a web designer? Well a great place to start is to ask whether your web designer can build you a WordPress website. Choosing the

The Importance of Having a Good Website

Why do you need a good website? For business owners trying to make an impact in this digital age, there is no greater asset than a good website.When the majority of consumers use the internet to find local businesses, and most people looking to carry out product research use the internet, it’s essential that your

How To Make Your Website W3C Compliant

  With the growth of off-the-shelf websites and easier access to web design in recent years, making sure a site is WC3 compliant has tended to take a back seat for many businesses and organisations.While you may not think it’s important, employing good practice and working within the current web guidelines is as vital for

10 things your website designer should be

Every business will benefit from a website, despite what they may think! For those without a physical location, it will be the forefront of your business, and your online reputation is often seen as the deciding factor for most people. Therefore, if you value your business, you should hire a professional to build your website.

The Importance of Having a Good Website

  Why do you need a good website? For business owners trying to make an impact in this digital age, there is no greater asset than a good website.When the majority of consumers use the internet to find local businesses, and most people looking to carry out product research use the internet, it’s essential that

Web Design for Beginners using HTML

Web Designer must know what HTML is? The word HTML is a very popular word in the web designing world and it is an acronym of ‘Hyper Text Markup Language’. HTML is a coding language that is used to design documents to show content over the internet. HTML is developed in 1980 as a markup

Why do you need a website for your new business?

When you’re starting a new business, you may be put off building a website due to cost, lack of web design knowledge, time or even understanding exactly how a website will bring in new customers or increase sales. Many businesses, especially those not selling physical goods in a shop setting, may think having a website