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Web Design for Beginners using HTML

Web Designer must know what HTML is?

The word HTML is a very popular word in the web designing world and it is an acronym of ‘Hyper Text Markup Language’. HTML is a coding language that is used to design documents to show content over the internet. HTML is developed in 1980 as a markup language that is used to display documents over the internet using different hardware and operating systems. At the time it was called SGML an acronym of ‘Standard Generalised Markup Language’. HTML has been evolved from SGML. HTML is a language that is used to develop formatted documents for the web that is called web pages. HTML is a language that is using tags which specify how to incorporate text, graphics, sound, videos as well as controlling visual elements such as font size, number of columns, and paragraph spacing etc.

Structure of an HTML web page:

HTML is mainly divided into 2 sections that is ‘head’ and ‘body’. Head part of a web page is used to write the meta tags such as page title, description, keywords and link external files. The body part is used to write all the code that is going to display the content to the end user.
Every HTML file contains <html> tag in the begging and </html> tag in the end. These 2 tags are used to inform the browser that this is an HTML document. The rest of the HTML tags are in between these two tags. The two main tags are the <head> and the <body> tags.

Head Section

Head section starts with <head> and ends with </head> tag. Inside the head tag web designers use many tags and one of them is the <title> tag. The title tag is used for writing the title of a document which appears in the top bar of the browser and majority of the time this title also appears as the heading of your website in the search engine results but sometimes the search engines pick some random text as a title from your page. It is better to keep its length to 60 characters as some browsers might not have enough space to show all of the title text or some of the search engines also truncate the text that has more than 60 Characters.

Body Section

The body tag is used to display content of a web page. The body section starts with <body> and ends with </body> tag. There are a large number of tags that can be used inside the body tag which displays the content of a webpage. Some of these tags are paragraph, h1, h2, div, span, img, and others. In the body tag we put all the content and then start formatting at using CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). Without applying CSS the content will look like a junk to the end user that is why we need to apply formatting by giving margins, colours to text and different sections, change font sizes etc.