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What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing an Overview

It can never be too over emphasized how important content marketing is. It’s the ‘engine’ of SEO. Just like an automobile, Search Engine Optimization cannot move or be successful without outstanding content marketing. We’ll be taking you through what content marketing is and how it can assist your business to be successful online.

So What Exactly is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is any form of marketing that involves creating and sharing media as well as publishing content in order to attract customers and make profit.

It is an important facet of SEO, without good content it’s really difficult, in fact impossible to rank with search engines. The main practises of SEO such as link-building and social media get ranked according to sharing of content in social media platforms and the links that are created when content is shared.

Just as important, is the fact that content marketing is not only meant to impress search engines but is mainly meant for your website’s visitors. Your content should be informative, engaging and original in order to attract customers. Today’s consumer is opinionated, web-savvy, filled with choice and modern. That’s why websites need to constantly update their content or users will simply go to ‘the next best thing’ which is your competitor. Once visitors share your content, search engines rank it too and place your website on the SERP (search engine results page) and where it’s placed basically will determine your potential reach in customers.

What is Google Hummingbird?

Google Humming Bird

Google released their Hummingbird Algorithm in September last year. The algorithm basically is about guiding websites into producing content that not only is valuable and informative but lengthy too (at least 1000 words an article). Websites who do not adhere to the guidelines set out by the algorithm get heavily penalized by Google.

Majority of people who own businesses as you can relate are pressed for time. Therefore do not invest in their content marketing strategy for their SEO. Some business owners are not even aware of the great SEO benefits that come with engaging in content marketing! Instead they spend a lot of time and hours in producing brochures and flyers yet do not engage in any work it making their websites better!

So how can you make sure that content marketing works wonders for your SEO?

Social Media is the leading form of content marketing .i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram etc. There is so much social media can do for your website, for one, it can drive traffic to it. The crucial thing about social media is having a ‘conversation’ with your audience. With patience, those conversations will convert to profit. Be transparent when engaging with your customers on social media sites and by all means stay away from ‘hidden sales pitches’.

Articles on your website are just as important as they show not only your expertise in the field but search engines rank your content accordingly as well. The obvious one is the fact that having great articles not only guarantees you traffic to your website, but is a great way to build links too.

News Letters are a powerful tool in making the most of your content marketing as well. Try not to make it entirely about your company though. Add current industry happenings, trends, news etc. Whatever you do make sure that your subscribers do not end up in the subscribe list by being creative with your content!

Let’s give you tips and guidelines on how you can make sure to use content marketing to your best ability as a small business owner.

  • Plan your content ahead of time. As mentioned earlier, most small business owners do not have the time to create content, therefore outsourcing the function would not be a bad idea. Or if you’re going to do it yourself then plan your content ahead of time. It gives you more time to make changes and think of other ideas so long.
  • Write for your audience not search engines. Websites who write for search engines usually stuff their keywords, have grammar errors and are likely to have code or unreadable text on their webpages. This isn’t good for your users as it’s a nightmare reading something you can’t make out and search engines are not stupid either. They will figure out when you write content in order to land of the SERP.
  • Make use of infographics. Infographics make it so much easier to educate your audience on a subject. We are visual creatures and therefore informing customers using images is a fun, engaging tactic. Get someone professional to do them for you, rest assured search engines will be just as impressed as your readers.
  • Be consistent with your content marketing strategy. Regularly update your content and make it as interesting as possible. Even if it means tweaking an old article, you’d be surprised how many people have probably not read it yet…
  • Create more backlinks. You can do this by commenting on other blogs, forums or articles. Just make sure that the feedback to give is valuable to other readers and search engines too. Otherwise your response can easily be viewed as spam.

Social Media will do the trick! Any content you have, make sure that you share on social media platforms. Especially these three: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Your title or post can come as a question to pull readers to it.

That covers what content marketing! The important thing is putting together a content plan or strategy, regularly updating it and make your content fresh, original and engaging. Make use of all social media platforms, articles on your site and your newsletter.

If you apply all these ingredients, then the final product will surely be one with great taste!