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WordPress Design Articles

What is WordPress?

Used by over 60 million people to build websites worldwide, WordPress is one of the best-known and most popular web publishing platforms available. It's a blogging and website content management system (CMS) that is both powerful and easy-to-use, and works perfectly as a web publishing platform for both individuals and businesses.

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How much does a WordPress Website cost to make?

The most common question we are asked, when we receive a new web design enquiry is always; ‘How much will a website cost?’ More often than not, the email includes little or no information and offers no real insight into the client’s actual needs or wants. It can be tricky to provide an accurate quotation

What is WordPress

What Exactly is WordPress? What is WordPress? At its core, WordPress is the simplest, most popular way to create your own website or blog. In fact, WordPress powers over 34% of all the websites on the Internet. Yes – more than one in four websites that you visit are likely powered by WordPress. On a slightly

Why Use WordPress?

We often get asked what is the benefits of building a website in wordpress? When it comes to building new websites, we believe that WordPress is the best option as it provides the tools and resources needed in order to create a solid foundation for all your marketing needs. Before we get into some of

How to Choose a Good WordPress Designer and Developer

When you’re starting out in business, or even an established business, a professional digital presence is crucial. But once you have decided to launch or revamp a website, how do you choose a web designer? Well a great place to start is to ask whether your web designer can build you a WordPress website. Choosing the

Why WordPress is the most popular CMS

  If you’re a business start-up or looking to create a blog for the first time, finding the right platform to set up your website is essential. One platform that you will undoubtedly come across in your research is WordPress. That’s because it reputedly has around half of the CMS market in its pocket and

WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg

So, WordPress is updating AGAIN…what is the big deal?! WordPress 5.0 is released very shortly and it’s going to be a big gamechanger. The release date has been pushed back and is now being released on November 27th2018., several Beta versions have been released and WordPress 5.0 Beta 4is currently available if you want a

Upgrading WordPress to PHP 7.2

  Considering WordPress powers 32.4% of the internet and is responsible for 59.4% of all Content Management Systems, it may seem surprising that the majority of people using WordPress probably have no idea what PHP is. But when you think about how WordPress is an ideal platform to build a website if you do not

Exploring the Core files of WordPress

In the WordPress core there are many files that contain many of the most popular WordPress functions in these files. Functions are used for all WordPress APIs functionality and can be used in any custom theme or plugin. The Following article has detail of the WordPress core files that contain back bone of code for

WordPress Website Design as a Content Management System CMS

In every website the Blogging (CMS) systems have their roots in Content Management System. Add a post or page, edit a post or page, maintain a post or web page it in stable storage such as a database or file system the databases could be MySQL or others, and see the output of some keywords

Getting Started with WordPress CMS

First we start from the home page of your web site. Presentation, style, or content discussed later. You’ll refer to your website design and the actual WordPress installation that implements it alternately, mostly for suitability and quickness. Reasons disturb your choice involved. ➤ Expenses — Free of cost hosting services limit your options as a

Install WordPress CMS Manually

It is famous, remarkable, fabulous five-minute WordPress installation is a certainty when everything is configured and correspond correctly. This article tells you through the steps that are frequently hidden from view when you use a packaged installs with wordpress web design, and highlights some of the common misfires between MySQL instances and WordPress CMS. The

First-Time Administration in wordpress cms

  When you have completed the installation of WordPress CMS, continue to log in with the credentials you set up in previous article you’ll see the basic WordPress Dashboard captured in below figure Figure. If you’re not redirected to the Dashboard or admin panel through the Log In button, or if you happen to visit

WordPress Configuration

The WordPress features has specific files that can be edited for different purposes of uses. These files can be alter of the WordPress functions, that can be change as per requirement. The test changes always are done in a development environment before publishing to the main server or code running in real time. This section

Benefits of working Locally in WordPress

  The best practice of wordpress site should build the site locally and this is considered as a best practice. Usually, you never want to be actively developing on a live production website because the visitors could accessing the site at any time and this create disturbance for you and your visitors also because development

Local Theme and Plugin Development of WordPress

  If you are developing a wordpress theme, it is one of the benefits of developing locally because is that you do not have to use the content that will be on the live site currently using. If you are developing a theme on wordpress and you have to plan that it release to the

WordPress APIs

The WordPress features have many different APIs for his users and that is very help full interact with WordPress. The APIs as gateways that let you add in your code or retrieve external content within WordPress without the disturbing the never hack the code maxim: several APIs insert the references to non-core code that will

What is WordPress

WordPress is one of the most widespread open source content management systems and very use full for web developer, with international and vivacious user, of web developer. While it can be compared to typePad, movable kind, Google’s Blogger, and therefore the Apache Roller project as a user-generated content workhorse, WordPress web design distinguishes itself with

Building a Custom Query in WordPress

The Parameters in the function or method are used to define that what type of content will be returned in your Loop, it is a custom Loop or altering the primary Loop. While creating Loops it’s necessary to understand what parameters are available for this method to help define what content will be displayed in

Understanding Data in WordPress

In WordPress When working with various types of data, So you must to understand that what that data is and how it can be customized. There are five predefined post types in a default installation of WordPress: 1. Post — It is blog posts or articles and it is generally ordered by date. 2. Page —

WordPress Taxonomy

In WordPress a way to group similar items together is defined as the term of Taxonomy. The basic purpose is that it adds a relational dimension to your website’s content. You use categories and tags to group your posts and categories the posts in the case of WordPress. You are defining the taxonomy of those

What Is Metadata in WordPress Define

The additional pieces of data that attached to a post its a Metadata in WordPress. Let’s suppose, you have products and your products custom post type might need a price stored with each Product entered in your site. This price can be stored as metadata and it easily displayed on the Product detail page. In

Create Shortcodes in WordPress by Web Design Cape Town

In the Plugins shorcode mostly used and these are very easy to use to the user point of view. User can easily embed the plugin different functionality using simple shortcode. The WordPress features a Shortcode API. The Shortcodes are basically text macro codes that can be inserted into a page, post, or custom post type

Add SVG image in WordPress Web Design

There are some security issues when you try to upload SVG file in WordPress through media. It gives you some security error while uploading it directly from media. By using PHP language you can have the most flexible and easiest solution to add simple function in your WordPress theme in functions.php file and by calling

how to add new user in wordpress using simple 8 steps.

If you’re new in WordPress so you are at the right place where you can easily add new user to your WordPress site by using these simple 8 steps by web agency london. It will surely help you to expand your content by adding people in your blogs, you can also give them different access

Creating WordPress Navigation Menu

Understandable and extensive navigation is essential for any website. It is very easy to create menus in WordPress that help website users to obtain what they need. Menu elements are not limited to pages; practically any item in WordPress – posts, categories, authors, tags, and more – can be added to the menu. Using CSS

Custom Post Types in WordPress

Usually people falsely label WordPress as just a simple blogging CMS. Since its foundation, WordPress has developed into a vast robust Content Management System that grant end-users to build any design in mind. Modern attributes like: custom menus, custom widgets, custom post types, and custom post formats all give permission to users to design and

How to choose the right WordPress theme for your business

If you’re looking for a quick way to build and design a WordPress website, one route you can go down if you want to build it yourself is by choosing one of WordPress’s ready made templates to customise yourself. Wix has many hundreds of different templates to choose from, with different styles, colour schemes and