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7 Key Reasons to Use Content Marketing for Small Business

Want to make sure that your business is marketing your brand effectively? Then one way to do so is...

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Best Web Design Agencies in Cape Town

The best Web Design agencies in Cape Town, South Africa are: Rogerwilco NetMechanic Big Web Media B Online Green...

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Our Web Design Process – Behind the Scenes

When a business needs a new website or they want to replace their existing one, they usually pass the...

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How much does a WordPress Website cost to make?

The most common question we are asked, when we receive a new web design enquiry is always; ‘How much...

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Breadcrumbs & SEO: What Are They and How Their Important for SEO

A trail of breadcrumbs is a storytelling element used to describe a path that one leaves to find their...

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What Are Events, Tags and Triggers in GTM?

What Are Events, Tags and Triggers in GTM?

Understand what events, tags and triggers are and why they matter… Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a software solution...

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Link Building for a New Website 20 Ideas to Get Links

Link Building for a New Website: 20 Ideas to Get Links

When you’re just starting to build links for a new website, you may be overwhelmed by the links your...

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11 Google Analytics Reports You Might Not Know About

Google Analytics is the primary measurement platform for millions of websites and digital marketing campaigns. Along with Google Search...

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Your 7-Step Image SEO Survival Guide

SEO might seem complicated because there’s a lot that goes into it—keyword optimization, site speed, link building, meta tag...

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SEO FAQs 7 questions our customers often ask

SEO FAQs – 7 questions our customers often ask

According to HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2018 report, generating traffic and leads is the biggest marketing challenge for brands....

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