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local seo

Local seo for multi location businesses

SEO is important for your business if you want to make your site discovered on the web. It’s also...

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Google amp indexing faqs

Dong-Hwi Lee, a Googler, posted in the Google Webmaster Help forums a large FAQs around indexing questions related to...

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How to prepare for a Javascript migration

Here are the steps to consider when migrating a website built with a static HTML to a JavaScript framework....

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Here’s what happened when we followed Googlebot for 3 months

This experiment uncovered no direct way to bypass the First Link Counts Rule with modified links but it was...

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The Technical SEO Audit Process Anyone Can Follow

Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing. In fact, it changes nearly 600 times every single year. SEO audits are...

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How to create a style guide for your SEO content writers

To get the most out of your content writers, you need to set them on the right track from...

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A basic SEO audit for small businesses

Most small businesses can perform a simple audit and improve their SEO considerably without involving an agency. Ten steps...

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15 checks you should make when choosing a link partner

How can you best evaluate a site to determine whether it’s a good linking partner? Here we outline 15...

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How to rev up your page speed for better website performance

Improving page speed isn’t some arcane and mysterious dark art. Here we review everything from plug-ins to CDNs and...

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link building blog comments

A Guide to Link Building via Blog Comments

Blog comments can legitimately help your brand if done correctly. The problem? Many people in SEO don’t use them...

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